Weekly meal plans and culinary lessons to build your healthy cooking skills.

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You've got a lot happening every day. We know cooking is not always a priority, but healthy eating is. 

We're here to help you simplify.


We plan 3 tasty meals, and compile a shopping list. 

Weekly Meal Plans

Each week curated content arrives in your inbox to equip you for  your health journey. 

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Weekly Curation

Weekly Meal Plans

Food is medicine. 

Cooking your own dinner with healthy ingredients and our nutritionally balanced plans is one of the easiest ways to build sustainable health for you and your loved ones.

We plan 4 tasty meals, and make a shopping list.

Sub-out meals you don't like. You get the groceries and do the cooking. 

Use our culinary program to develop you cooking skills 

700+ Lessons

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

We have spent years building  resources for healthy cooking. Dive into our wealth of knowledge on food's impact on health, cooking skills, kitchen management, ingredient selection and storage.

We believe everyone deserves access to the fundamental knowledge of healthy eating. For every subscription you purchase, we will donate a subscription to a low income family in a food assistance program. 

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The Up Beet Team

Cayla Were

 Action Extraordinaire

Chef Nic DeMuth is the mastermind behind Up Beet Eating. His mission is to share his wealth of knowledge with the world.

Nic deeply believes that healthy home-cooked meals are the key to a healthy, vibrant life. He trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York and has spent many years witnessing the health impacts of poor diet as a registered nurse. 

Chef Nic DeMuth, RN


Cayla has over five years of teaching and education experience, matched with a passion for making healthy eating accessible for all. 

Cayla is not a chef, but she is a committed home-cook. She works hard to make sure that you have an Up Beet experience with all we do. She is also our token New Zealander.  

This is a free no-obligation trial. No credit card information is required.

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