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You make the commitment and we make it easy.

Together you will 

achieve your health goals!

Weight Loss, Getting Off Medication, Reversing Heart Disease, Diabetes, & Autoimmune Diseases are Achievable When 

You  eat REAL FOOD! 

Health Education

1 on 1 & Group Support

"I was able to lose 20lbs, keep it off and no longer need my my acid-reflux medication.  What's awesome is that the skills I learned at The Up Beet Kitchen are skills I'll use the rest of my life."  ~ Brett H.

"After I cut out the processed foods and started cooking for myself my eczema went away, I slept better and I have more energy!  I also feel better knowing my family is getting the proper nutrition so they can live healthier lives." ~ Kelly M

"They wanted to put my son on Ritalin, but that just didn't feel right.  After doing some research I found out that eliminating processed foods and cooking from whole foods had helped many other mothers.  There was one BIG problem...I didn't know how to cook, or at least not very well.  The tools I got from The Up Beet Kitchen quickly made me comfortable in the kitchen and I'm happy to report that my son is off his medications and doing great in school!"  Alexis G

What does optimal health 

look like for you?

Live Healthier

Food is medicine. 

Cooking your own dinner with healthy ingredients and our nutritionally balanced plans is one of the easiest ways to build sustainable health for you and your loved ones.

Ultimately what you choose to eat is a personal decision and One Diet type does not fit everyone.  So we focus on teaching you HOW to think about food, help you ask the right questions and find a diet that suits you and your family's needs.

Achieve Your Health Goals

Expert Information

We have spent years building  resources for healthy cooking. Dive into our wealth of knowledge on food's impact on health, cooking skills, kitchen management, ingredient selection and storage.

Weekly Curation

Weekly Meal Plans

Easily make tasty meals, and compile a shopping list. 

You've got a lot happening every day. We know cooking is not always a priority, but healthy eating is. 

We're NOT another diet or recipe site, we are here to help you make simple changes each day to live a  Healthier Lifestyle!

Each week curated content arrives in your inbox to equip you for  your health journey. 

30+ Courses

700+ Lessons

Use our culinary program to develop you cooking skills 

Weekly Meal Plans

Chef Nic is an RN, Health Supportive Chef and has over 15+ years in health and wellness

We plan 4 tasty meals, and make a shopping list.

Sub-out meals you don't like. You get the groceries and do the cooking. 

Our Food Philisophy

48 Million Americans are on Food Assistance

We believe everyone deserves access to the fundamental knowledge of healthy eating.  Your support helps us ensure low income families on a food assistance program have the education they need to make healthy decisions! 

Great Food for All

Join the Fastest Growing Health Supportive Culinary School Online!  Have You always wanted to attend culinary school but couldn't afford it?

This school was built just for You!  We teach the same techniques taught in Top Culinary Schools around the world, but you can do it in your own home and at your own pace...

The #1 place online to learn about Culinary skills, Ingredients, Equipment and Health & Wellness

We have spent years building  resources for healthy cooking. Dive into our wealth of knowledge on food's impact on health, cooking skills, kitchen management, ingredient selection and storage.

Become a Master Chef

Start out as a Kitchen Helper, we track your progress and motivate you to be a 

Master Chef! 

We are working on a certificate program for 2017 so you can get your health supportive chef certificate

A Full Online 

Culinary School

30+ Courses

700+ Lessons

Weekly Meal Plans

Certificate Program

Unlike in person cooking classes you can easily review these lessons until you have mastered them!

Video Based Recipes & Lessons

Be a Master in your own Kitchen!

Being able to prepare great tasting & nutritious food at home is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.  Just like riding a bike, these are skills you will use the rest of your life.  

Invest in Yourself

Community Support

Have you told yourself over & over again that you are going to make the changes, but ...?  Don't worry, we all have!

Top Athletes all work with Coaches, WHY?  Coaches provide support and accountability to achieve Great Results!  You don't have be an athlete to have a coach. 

 You're not a disease, you're a person, be treated like one! True healing is wholistic healing, health coaches provide the supportive environment to empower your healing!  

Don't go it alone, we are here to help!

Bi Monthly meetings (in-person or online) to help hold you accountable and answer your questions

1 on 1 Support

1 on 1 support to provide a custom plan for you and your needs.  

Support & Accountability

Bi Monthly Meetings

Weekly Meal Plans

Join our Transform 30 to plant the seeds of health that will last a lifetime..  

We have a team of Health Coaches are verified and achieve results

We have spent years building  resources for healthy cooking. Dive into our wealth of knowledge on food's impact on health, cooking skills, kitchen management, ingredient selection and storage.

Verified Coaches 

Are you just surviving or are you Thriving??

Achieving your health goals and living the life you want doesn't mean you have to eat cardboard or boring food.  Start eating Food you Love, and 

Food that Loves You back! 

Life Worth Living

Chef Nic DeMuth, RN


Chef Nic DeMuth is the mastermind behind Up Beet Eating. His mission is to share his wealth of knowledge with the world.

Nic deeply believes that healthy home-cooked meals are the key to a healthy, vibrant life. He trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York and has spent many years witnessing the health impacts of poor diet as a registered nurse. 


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